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Welcome to the Privacy Policy for (Site) and any associated services owned by FitHealthyFabulous (FH&F). Throughout this policy, the words “FH&F” refer to FitHealthy&Fabulous and “Site” or any “Services” as appropriate in the context of the use of the words.

FH&F recognises the importance of protecting the privacy of individuals and their personal information. FH&F aims to provide a Site and Services that will ensure the information you provide online is collected, managed and disclosed in a secure and confidential manner.

You must be over the age of 18 to use this Site or Services and you must be 18 years of age or older to purchase any products or Services from FH&F.

Information collected

You will not be required to provide FH&F with any information when you visit this Site. However, if you opt to receive email communications, or register to become a member or Vendor, FH&F will ask you for your name, email address and maybe a little bit about yourself in order to be able to provide a tailored service.

In order to purchase any product or service, you will be required to submit your name, email, address, possibly phone number and payment information. Please be aware that all payment information is stored by FH&F’s third-party payment processors PayPal. FH&F does not hold or stores any payment information.  If using payments with one of the site’s Vendors or sellers, you will need to check their privacy policy, terms and conditions.

If you wish to sign up for any Programs with FH&F or site Vendors and members, you may also be asked to submit additional information including, but not limited to, your address, mobile number, physical characteristics and your health goals.

Non-identifying information

Whenever you use this Site or Services, FH&F, Vendors and site members may collect non-identifying information from you, such as your IP address, interactions with the Site and Services, query information, location, referring URL, browser, operating system, cookie information (see our cookie policy here), usage, data transferred, and Internet Service Provider.

Use of your information

FH&F will never sell or transfer any personally identifiable information to Third Parties without your consent. However, you agree that FH&F may use your information with third parties or contractors to enhance or improve user experiences and to provide services and products to you.

Accessing, editing and removing your information

If you have any questions or wish to review, opt out, change or delete any of your information submitted, please contact FH&F through the contact page.

Social interfaces

FH&F may also use interfaces with social media platforms. If you “like” or “share” information from this site via these services, FH&F recommends reviewing their privacy policies.

FH&F may post links to third party websites on this Site or Services, which may include information that FH&F has no control over. When accessing a third party site through this Site or Services, you acknowledge that you are aware that these third-party websites are not screened for privacy or security issues and you release FH&F from any liability for the conduct of these third-party websites.

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