Skipping workout for great fat burn

Its a childs play

Looking back into my childhood, skipping was one of the great activities that I did regularly with my friends. I never thought that I would be taking this up again and I am really enjoying it. As an avid runner, I can still feel my leg and arm muscles after a good skipping workout.

Loose weight

Skipping workouts are great for weight loss and 10-15 minutes equals a 30-45 minutes run or jog and is a very good way of working smarter for optimal fitness levels and not harder. You can fit skipping into a busy schedule as you can take your rope with you on the go. Skipping itself costs hardly anything and ropes are inexpensive and range typically between £3 and £25. I got mine for around £10 on Amazon. Buy Skipping Ropes on Amazon here.

Burn fat

With a skipping workout, you will burn fat, tone the upper and lower body and burn calories as a result. You will also improve your timing, balance, coordination, stamina and endurance levels. It is also great for toning the arms.

Just a couple of minutes in the beginning to build up your fitness level is more than enough and you will soon start to see the benefits. You can increase your skipping workout time as you go along and you can shake things up by adding some weights to your arms. I use ankle weights on mine to intensify the activity and to give my arms an extra workout.

Skipping workout moves

Below are easy skipping workout moves that I have found on YouTube. Maybe you can still remember all the difficult jumps you did as a child and bring them back alive again. You could even start a skipping rope class with friends as this could be fun to do together along with other aerobic exercises.

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